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A few days ago, me and a 2 friends got destroyed on an ounce of real dank stuff, and when we ran out we decided we needed food and something to smoke. We were so fucked we couldn\'t walk so we took everything on the table, rolled it up on a paper plate and smoked it. When the buzz died we found out we tried to smoke butter, cheese, mustard, ketchup, pepperoni, bread, and a plate all at once. FIS!

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January 3, 2010 at 9:25 pm by BAWBCABOOSE7 in - Bug-Out

#15 by GuitarKid

One does not simply, smoke a plate.

#14 by voodoo child

fucking bullshit how do you smoke mustard and ketchup? they\'re fucking liquids lie better next time

#13 by Anonymous

ur a fukin loser.... go buy more weed u broke ass dope phien.... Oh Ya STOP LIEING!!!

#12 by Anonymous

fuckin faggot dude don\'t fuckin lie about shit a 10 year old could figure out that this is bullshit. not even funny either.

#11 by Anonymous


#10 by Anonymous

cant believe i wasted me time on this site... all bs... made up crap!

#9 by Anonymous

you smoked an ounce & a bunch of food, huh? so, so fake.

#8 by swiminair

fuck you #7 \'anonymous\'. jeez.

#7 by Anonymous

this site is retarded. im pretty sure the same person wrote all of these. and he obviously doesnt really smoke weed

#6 by Anonymous

i smoked pizza once while drunk and high. fuck.

#5 by Anonymous

a plate? ..do you know what a plate is?

#4 by Anonymous

your a fucking dumb-ass how about that

#3 by Anonymous

pretty sure you are full of shit, put that in your pip and smoke it

#2 by Anonymous

this story is FAIL

#1 by Anonymous

i think you made this up!!!!!! lame story

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