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Today, I got stoned at a party for the first time. On the drive home I sat at an intersection waiting for the green light for few minutes. I finally realized the green light was never coming. So did the cop behind me. I was at a stop sign. FIS

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September 11, 2009 at 7:08 am by Anonymous in - Stoner-Moment

#6 by john smith

what a fuckin idiot, i\'ve never done that BD NEVER

#5 by Anonymous

shit dude did you get arrested.

#4 by Anonymous

fake post. seen it on a billion other sites.

#3 by bonestoners

best post I\'ve see yet on FIS. straight up.

#2 by Anonymous

me too

#1 by Anonymous

I thought this one was great. Scared me shit out of me when I read the cop part. FIS!

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