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So my man is the regular smoker I only smoke once in a blue moon and guess what? It's a blue blue moon! Hahaha! (I'm tripping hard. And I'm typing? This is cool haha feel like I can type a novel in one night? Haha shit sorry back to the story) Yea so, I'm stoned! And I just wanted to share with the world that I just had the BEEEEEEST SEX I'VE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE! My man was eating my pussy while listening Jodeci "Freak You" that song is the best "fucking" song in history! ("fucking" as in a song to put you both in the mood for sex! LOL!) Mind you that song goes for 6 minutes long then the next song was Usher "Nice and Slow" and that goes for 4 minutes then we listen "Freak You" again after that, then right at the end of that song I came SOOOOOO HARD I tensed up like a rock! My abdominals, my arms, legs and thighs were curled up so fucken tight! My toes were stretching so hard felt like they almost fell off!! I held my breath what felt like 10 minutes while my body was cumming like a crackhead hitting the pipe!!! Then he fucked me like a jackhammer and I came another 5-6 times!! I wonder how much harder we can go? It's our 10 year anniversary next month and we gonna get fucken BAKED AND FUCK LIKE THIS AGAIN!!! Hahahahahahahaahahaha! I'm hungry and I'm out!

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January 22, 2015 at 9:04 am by Anonymous in - Sex

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