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Got a dui, girlfriend cheated and lost many friends, so now I'm packing so many bongs that my slide broke due to massive amounts of combustion, the THC is reigning supreme over my neurons by inflicting my potassium ion channels with dopamine, in my words; my past has become null along with my future, I have desecrated the desire for almost any craving i have, I am a boddhisatva.

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September 24, 2014 at 1:34 pm by 6-8 NATE in - Busted

#9 by serjiolini

stop nikka

#8 by Anonymous

I cant understand anyof this! unless im just to stoned! and that was hard to spell! :/

#7 by Anonymous

dadi ne yeh sikhaaya??? did ur grandmother taught u how to fkin smoke up n stuff??

#6 by Anonymous

to be free, one must be chained.

#5 by Anonymous

I read it.

#4 by Anonymous

honestly you sound egotistical to me(is that how you spell egotistical?) I got a DUI(so did the cop), My girlfriend cheated, I am packing rips My neurons MY potassium MY words MY future My cravings then...I AM BODHISATVA. amazing but what is your purport as being bodhisattva because that to me is interesting. YOU ARE BODHISSSATTTVAAAAHHHH we all wake up in whatever reality we find our self(elf) in and have to submit completely to it. A zen koan talk about 'killing the budda'

#3 by Anonymous

hey I am not sure you are ever going to read this.

#2 by Anonymous

Sitting here like holy fuck what then I'm like man put the bong down

#1 by Anonymous


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