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How does this rap sound. Please leave comments.Rollin on the bus Rolling on the bus in the morn, listen to the horn, we all sitting in a dorm, with collage kids smoking up the dome. Then they pass o it this way to me, cus I m the one who lit up that good cherry. Now we chillin and blazing, as we zoom down the streets a curvin, even the bus driver be crazin, hit a red light and stop on the spot, better stop soon before we get caught, fuck that bullshit I ain\'t no cop, let\'s keep smoking this shit all the way to the top. (sirens) oh fuck it\'s time to quit, I ain\'t gettin caught with this shit. Up the stairs come the pigs, lookin at evryone and there diggs, now he comin down the aisle lokkin for that green pile, standin in front o me, he says was it you who lit that cherry? Then I get an idea and I yell to the bitch, come smoke this shit with us don\'t be a snitch! So now we all blazed Rollin in the morn, got the cops with us we all on board, smokin all that shit lookin like we ain\'t gona quit but then, oh shit, we out of weed. 

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February 20, 2010 at 3:02 am by Johnnyboy94 in - Stoner-Moment

#10 by Anonymous

piss poor.

#9 by 0mnibrotent

well you\'re not black that\'s for sure.

#8 by Anonymous

dude read it to the tune of fresh prince of bel Air

#7 by Anonymous

Dude that song is so cool, dont believe the other assholes in the comments... They are not stoned they dont understand

#6 by gethreaper667

\"Then they pass o it this way to me, cus I m the one who lit up that good cherry.\" how do they pass it to you if you have it first?

#5 by Anonymous

I thought that this rap was funny but then I clicked to read the comments and they made it even funnier.

#4 by Anonymous


#3 by Anonymous

that. sucks. like really, really sucks.

#2 by Anonymous


#1 by Anonymous

you are a stupid ass hole.

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