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I got high then went on this site. I read a story that said \"I was like \'FIS!\'\" It took me an hour to work out what FIS meant. FIS.

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December 17, 2009 at 10:04 pm by Anonymous in - Stoner-Moment

#12 by Anonymous

FIS mate

#11 by Anonymous

what is fis

#10 by Anonymous

Hahahah it took me forever too

#9 by GuitarKid

People and their FIS abbreviations. When I first started up here, a lot of the stories had FIS in them. Puzzled, I read on but didn\'t really get the story as I didn\'t know what it meant haha. After about an hour, I finally knew haha. Fuck I was stoned.

#8 by john smith

oh, i thought he was like FISH

#7 by Anonymous

FIS = Fuck I\'m Stoned. - took me 2 hours to figure that out! :D

#6 by Anonymous

haha quality man :) did the exact same thing reading this feel like a total idiot haha soo for all u fellow stoners its FUCK IM STONED

#5 by Anonymous

What is FIS!!!

#4 by Anonymous

Haha i just did that too nd i was reading stories like that and didnt even wonder until i read this one and was like wtf does FIS mean?! and then like 10 seconds laer i was like oh hahajhah

#3 by Anonymous

OMFG, I read your comment, wondered what the hell FIS meant, and did the exact same as you...

#2 by Anonymous

aciali republic

#1 by Anonymous

I swear to god, I was stoned and read this, and after a ten of trying to figure out what FIS was, I Googled it, then it hit me as the page was loading.

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