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I smoked all my weed and im high as fuck. Sitting here with 20$ and debating if i should save for more weed or go to mcdonalds and order eeeeverything. Hahahaha idk what to do help

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June 8, 2016 at 7:49 pm by Anonymous in - Bug-Out

#8 by Anonymous

dude I really hope you picked mcdonalds

#7 by Anonymous

dude just buy weed u wont even finish the macs anyways

#6 by Anonymous

yeah buy some weed bro

#5 by hothein

hardest decision ever !

#4 by Anonymous

You gotta trade some mcnugs for some danknugs

#3 by Anonymous


#2 by Anonymous

Lol 😂

#1 by Anonymous

yooo im in the exact same position hahaha holy fuck

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