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hi, its feb272016 my name is mr.lion. so as you all know im a good kid and im all about that karate and doin sports and shit. i smoked two times in my life. first time i didnt knew how to do this shit so i didnt get high but i loughed alot. so today before going college me and my friend got high, then i felt the real scaring feeling. in middle of park. i got blackout and im sure i said bullshit alot and trying too keep my voice down cuz i was scared that someone would notice. i constantly say yeah this is my last time doin this shit. and we 3 stood up to go college. which i gotta say that was like 12 hours ago and im still stoned and i hope i get better tomorrow because man i love being sober. NEVER GET HIGH. uhhh some guy was talkin to me at college i think he knew im high cuz i remember answering his questions many times. time seemed like stoppped. bad feeling. like my life was never happened and it was all just a bad dream. im not real and shit. my friend kept saying dude its your first time you are freaking out! stay calm i got this, which i was so sure he was obvious in public. anyway the status of my mind keeps changing from sleeping while awake to being cold and scared and sometimes too much focus. but i dont see any reasons why people get high i will definitly make an anti smokin campagn i hate being high. by the way im a rapper and i write alllllot rhymes but now i get even spell a word out in music/ so hell no im done with this. even though i love cypresshill music. peace

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February 27, 2016 at 2:40 pm by lionliing in - Newbies

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