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me & ma homegirl smoke on this porch by my school. we like to get high on our lunch break. so weeks after smoking on this random porch we notice the address is 420 LOL so we made it a ritual every single day. Anyway, aside from all the weird respect we get while sitting there and because we go there, other weird things happen. Yesterday a crackhead looking woman approached us while we were smoking. We thought she was gonna either ask for change or a lite cause she saw we were smoking and stood right in front of her. I was beyond baked. so i was just staring at her wondering who she was. I\'m like hmmm is she a hooker? is she looking for a cigg? my friend on the other hand, was on the phone but she also just paused her convo and stared. after what seemed like 20mintutes this woman pulls out a badge and says \"BAM.\" \"BUSTED.\" My friend and i just stared at her. totally fucking stoned. I stood there analyzing the badge and wondering what happens next. So the woman laughs and says \"i\'m off duty. they gonna legalize it anyway. enjoy your day ladies.\" and walks off....i turned to my friend and said \"was that a good or bad thing?\"

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July 4, 2012 at 9:54 pm by MsEmmy420 in - Busted

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